Frequently Asked Questions

  • Help, I can't access my order!
  • Before submitting a contact request, please make sure you first tried to login here using your email address (in case the order was paid with PayPal, please use your PayPal email address)
  • What is the difference between a Soulmate and a Twin Flame?
  • The main difference is the idea that twin flames are two halves of the whole, where soul mates are not. While twin flames are thought to be one soul split into two bodies, soul mates are simply two separate souls that are extraordinarily linked.
  • Do I end up with my soulmate or twin flame?
  • You can end up with either your soulmate or your twin flame; it can go either way and will depend on your personal circumstances and relationship. Usually with twin flames, once the lesson is learned, you have accomplished the goal of the relationship.
  • Will I Know My Soulmate?
  • Many people have found that their sketch resembles someone that is currently close in their life, their current significant other / partner, or someone they admire or have feelings for.
  • How Fast Can I Get My Sketch and Reading?
  • Your high quality sketch and reading will be delivered to you via email within 12, 24 or 48 hours, depending which order priority you have chosen while placing your order.
  • What is Included with My Sketch?
  • In addition to the sketch, you will receive a complete description of characteristics and qualities of this person that will help you connect with them.

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